In 2023, Butternut Creek has two sites in North Stormont, ON. Butternut Creek is a not-for-profit social enterprise. But we operate commercially (products and services) to create revenues for our rewilding mission.

As funding permits, we hope to add other sites in the future. Please contact us if you would like your family property in this area to be preserved, rather than deforested.

North Stormont is an agricultural area one hour east of Ottawa.

Our main site is outsite Moose Creek, and covers 130 acres. The nearby Elm Road site, closer to Avonmore, is 24 acres.

Both sites have a farm residence and outbuildings, as well as fields/pastures and areas that are being rewilded (left to nature) or actively reforested (tree planting).

We try to create revenues from the “farm” aspects of the properties, to use to support the “nature reserve” aspects of the properties.

Revenues include

  • residential rentals of the farmhouses
  • product sales (hay, flowers, trees and shrubs)
  • services (day/weekend camps, workshops)