Elm Rd

This property is 23 acres, and was previously a small mixed-use farm with bees. Over the last ten years, as the swampy land in the area has been increasingly deforested and tile-drained, our site has been intensively planted to provide habitat and shelter for local and migrating birds. It has been reforested with more than 45 varieties of decidous and coniferous trees, as well as numerous varieties of fruit-bearing or shelter-providing shrubs.

The 15 varieties of conifer consist of white spruce, blue spruce, black spruce, Norway spruce, Eastern white pine, red pine, jack pine, pItch pine, Austrian pine, hemlock, white cedar, juniper, balsam fir, Fraser fir, and tamarack. The 31 varieties of deciduous trees include white oak, red oak, bur oak, white swamp oak, pin oak, sugar maple, red maple, black maple, silver maple, Manitoba maple. weeping willow, black willow, hackberry, elm, white ash, mountain ash, magnolia, white birch, yellow birch, paper birch, river birch, gingko, American beech, European beach, butternut, black walnut, poplar, cottonwood, catalpa, and serviceberry, while the 14 shrubs comprise sumac, dogwood, serviceberry, highbush cranberry, wild apple, crabapple, weeping crababpple, wild plum, plum, pear, hazelnut, nannyberry, and nine bark,